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A baby pony, very cute isn't it? Everybody wants to pet one... But you are much more lucky. Because you have privelege of choosing it's colours. Make a colourful, cute, baby pony t [...]
My Little Pony Winter Fashion 1 Game Winter has came. Snow, snow in everywhere... Put some good outfit to Pony. Make her being protected by winter in a good shape. Don't forget the [...]
Play My Little Pony Adventures In Aquastria Game Pony's are about to start an adventure to save their home. But they need to a new outlook to go undersea. Give them a new look to f [...]
My Little Pony Rainbow Real Hairytcuts Game This little pony want a new hairstyle which is going to make her different in crowds. May be a long one, or short. Curvy, or straight; I [...]
My Little Pony Dress Up A beautiful and big pony needs some care. Clean her, dry her, scratch her hairs and shine her feets. Select best cosmetics for her and make her in marvelous [...]
Pony Fly In A Fantasy World Game Pony gone into Fantasy world. Now she can fly by clicking on screen. But stay her in this fantasy world, if she disappears she is going to disappea [...]
Pony Run Magic Trails Game Run Pony, Run... With her little jokey Pony runs, collect foods and golds. Go buy some upgrades with golds and break new records. Be careful, don't hurt [...]
My Little Pony Winter Fashion 2 This is the second version of the game. The main goal is the same as the others. You have two ponnies. You need to dress two different ponies, to ma [...]
My Little Pony Winter Fashion 3 The main goal of this game is to dress two different ponies, to make hair care and haircuts to choose accessories and decorate them. Dress the two p [...]
Little Pony is polluted in this vote. The purpose is to clean it, wash it and make it look beautiful. Also, after washing, you should dry up and clean your hair and rinse your hair [...]