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You are going to a Zoo! Elsa has to save a giraffe. Select the proper outfit for the Zoo and make a surgery on giraffe to make him more comfortable. It's all on you.
Elsa bought a new house and started to desing it. But she needs your help. Could you become a architect to help Elsa? C'mon, choose best furnitures and household goods for Elsa.
Princess Elsa Spring Game Say welcome to spring! Make Elsa to wear clothes according to colours of the season. Select best shoes and dress for her. Elsa will shine in everywhere wi [...]
Elsa loves surfing... But this time things gone bad. Elsa have made an accident and needs a surgery. A doctor? There you are. C'mon, Elsa need your help about being healed.
Elsa and Jack gone for a invitation. They loves each other and want to kiss each other. But in a crowd? It wouldn't be pleased by others. Complete the kiss without getting caught.
Elsa and Jake's going to a Date and both of them excited about it. A coffee with some desert would be good for the first date. Prepare their coffee and food then make Elsa ready to [...]