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Farm Season came over. Some of vegetables about to rot away. You need to harvest them quickly. But you cannot harvest them one by one. Bring atlest 3 of them together and click on [...]
Elsa and Jake's going to a Date and both of them excited about it. A coffee with some desert would be good for the first date. Prepare their coffee and food then make Elsa ready to [...]
Dora Yummy Cupcake Game Soft cupcake, delicious cupcake; little ball of cake. Happy cupcake, creamy cupcake, hmm hmm hmm... Design magneficent cupcakes with Dora. Take pictures and [...]
Dora looking for farmers for her farm. Take care of plants and make them grow. After you proved yourself, Dora will entrust much more plant to you. Finish tasks in time to be liked [...]
Today, Dora is babysitting. She want to play a few games with the baby. But The Mom is a bit angry about it. Caution! If she comes to door you need to stop playing and cover the ga [...]