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My Little Pony Candy Land Run

Pony Candy Land Run Game

My Little Pony Candy land Run Game.
A pony is so happy that the game Pony Candy land Run is in the sugar world, because there is as much sugar as he does not want here. While constantly progressing, collecting all the sugars can be a bit difficult. As you can see, there are challenging obstacles. You will have to jump over these deep pits to avoid falling in. You can use any arrow key on the keyboard to jump in from the depths. And of course you have to jump for the sugar pony in the sugar country, which will take place at different heights. Be very careful, help mids, because you will encounter a crystal that faces crystals, an impossible face, so you will live one life at a time. So, jumping has to come from above the parasites in the way. And if you can not prevent an obstacle collision, you need to use a special ability of our midlil – to run your head down in the clouds. Activate this ability using the Space key. But be careful because there is once a hole in the Pony Run game in the clouds, once our midlings have nothing to get rid of in the open space. In doing so, help the pony to collect a lot of sweet and complete the charming but dangerous conditions in this country successfully. Good luck

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