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Lemon Zest School Spirit Style

Lemon Zest School Spirit Style Game. My Little Pony, Friendship Games, Lemon Zest Dress Up.

The girls’ team’s famous skateboarder, Lemon Zest, is supporting the Shadowbolts team in their Friendship games and is ready to make a comeback for his win. Lemon Zest, who has an important place among the skateboarders, counts days for the start of the judge who has completed all preparations. In order to be number one in the competition, it must also be very successful in its appearance outside of its abilities. Lemon Zest, who should appear as a cool skateboarder, is asking for your help. You can make her very happy by helping her. With the help of the mouse, you have to try all the styles from Lemon Zest hair to make-up, clothes and accessories to choose the most suitable style. When you have completed all the preparations, you will complete the game by pressing the check mark.

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